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  1. Please indicate whether this form is a new application or an amendment to an existing application by ticking the applicable box below.
  2. A range of information is gathered for legislative and statistical purposes - please ensure you complete all sections of this form to help us process your application as soon as possible.


  • Lodgement of this form does not guarantee your child a place at Camira C&K Kindergarten.
  • This form is a Waiting List application form ONLY.
  • Camira Kindergarten does not have a sibling policy; you must complete a separate form for each child.

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The information you provide in this section will assist C&K Camira to facilitate a smooth transition for your child into our Kindergarten service. All responses to these questions are voluntary and will be treated in accordance with the C&K confidentiality and privacy policy.

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The Kindergarten will send a confirmation email to let you know that the form has been received. We may also contact you to discuss your application and clarify some details. We will contact you should a place become available. Please advise Camira Kindergarten should any of your contact details change. Enrolment offers for the following year are conducted in July/August of the previous year. Positions are offered according to the date that the waiting list form was received and confirmed by the Kindergarten Directors.