The Kindergarten is run by a group of 7 parent volunteers each year, called ‘The Management Committee’. The Management Committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The Management Committee is responsible for:

  • General management and financial matters of the centre;
  • Following the rules of the Association/ Constitution lodged with the Department of Fair Trading;
  • Ensuring the centre is meeting C&K affiliation standards and National Quality Standards so that the centre continues to receive funding;
  • The employment of all necessary staff and compliance with the provisions of any agreements, awards or other industrial requirements;
  • Legislative requirements affecting the centre including the National Quality Regulations and other legislation such as Child Protection and Workplace, Health & Safety,
  • Building and playgrounds;
  • Promoting the centre within the community.

Some of the benefits of volunteering to be on the Management Committee include:

  • A good way to get involved with what goes on at your child’s Kindy;
  • A good way to meet other parents;
  • Volunteers utilise skills in regards to being a part of a team;
  • Be involved in ideas on how to improve our Kindy; and

Volunteering can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence and a great way to challenge yourself.

Committee Positions:



Vice President/Publicity and Community Liaison



Non Executive:

Maintenance Coordinator/Workplace Health and Safety Officer

Fundraising Co-ordinator

Project and Grants Co-ordinator