Camira Kindergarten Statement of Philosophy

Our philosophy has been derived from conversations with parents, children and staff around the philosophy and practice of the Early Years Learning Framework;

  • We respect and value each family’s unique background, their values and understanding as we partner with them through their child’s learning journey at our centre.
  • We recognise families as children’s most influential teachers.
  • We understand that children are competent and capable learners
  • We ensure all children and their families experience a sense of nurturing and welcome.
  • We value the diverse perspectives of our families and encourage conversations to promote understanding and learning
  • We strongly believe that all children have the right to a safe supportive play-based learning environment which promotes and celebrates their individual interests and abilities.
  • We have a strong connection to the natural environment in Camira and want our kindergarten play environment to reflect this.
  • We value practices of sustainability and caring for the natural environment so we seek organic and sustainable solutions
  • We appreciate that we are not just spectators to our children’s learning, but active collaborators and partners with our children in their learning experiences
  • We value an emphasis on healthy eating, sun protection and good hygiene practices and promote this on a daily basis
  • We recognise that particular groups of children or individuals may require additional consideration and specialist knowledge.
  • We critically reflect on our view of children, our curriculum, and our values that we hold for them.