Camira Kindergarten has been an important part of the Western Suburbs community coming up to 30 years. Established in 1988, it has grown to become a vital not-for-profit Community Kindergarten, providing educational programs for children aged 3-5 years.

We endeavour to make your time and association with our centre, a happy and supportive experience for you and your child. At Camira Kindy, we promote the Australian* Queensland* and C&K* play based curriculums which are primarily concerned that children develop positive and fulfilling relationships with other children and staff and lead to a strong sense of belonging in the learning environment.  We have friendly, qualified teachers and assistants who will welcome you and your child each day and encourage parent participation and involvement in whatever capacity parents can give. Your involvement will enrich your child’s learning experiences and promote positive self-esteem. Current research confirms what C&K have always advocated, that the experiences of young children have a profound effect on their future.

Camira Kindy offers beautiful natural play spaces for your child to explore and create their imaginative play – sand pit, mud patch, bushland, grassy areas and large established trees. Our indoor environment is so homely, attractive and welcoming, that some people think our building is a converted house.

We are proud of our reputation in offering a high quality program for young children based in the ‘Listening and Learning together: C&K Curriculum Approach’.

We support children to grow and develop in a learning environment that is:

  • caring, supportive and responsive to children’s emotions
  • in a natural setting with mature trees, rocks, grass and wildlife
  • ‘homely’ with spaces to be boisterous as well as places to curl up in quiet play or seclusion
  • where sustainable practices are used and vegetable gardening is encouraged
  • abundant in natural and open-ended materials so play revolves around children’s ideas
  • using up-to-date age appropriate technology

Children are individuals with unique patterns of growth and development which we recognise, respect and nurture.

At Camira Kindergarten your child will:

  • Interact and socialise with other children
  • Have opportunities to develop independence, creativity, physical, emotional and thinking skills
  • Gain early literacy and pre-maths skills
  • Have opportunities to participate in music, drama, listening, language and relaxation sessions
  • Be given time, space, guidance, nurturing and encouragement to mature over all areas of development

Our Kindy is run by our parent committee. Our association relies on the support and involvement of parents and families to maintain this valuable education facility to the community. We receive funding from the Department of Education and Training under the QKF Scheme; this helps keep fees as low as possible.

Our land is owned by the Ipswich City Council, which they lease to the Kindergarten.  The Camira Kindergarten Association Incorporated owns the building and equipment. This Association and its assets are owned by the parent body which elects a Management Committee each year to operate the centre effectively. The Kindergarten is an Approved Kindy Provider and complies with all the Ipswich Council Regulations, National Quality Framework and Regulations, requirements of the Queensland Government and Workplace Health and Safety requirements. The licence, certificates and staff qualifications are on display on noticeboards at the entrance to the Kindergarten, and in the office. The Camira kindergarten Association is a not-for-profit association which means that all monies raised through fees or fundraising are reinvested back into the kindergarten to benefit children and the community.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has been derived from conversations with parents, children and staff around the philosophy and practice of the ‘Listening and Learning together: C & K Curriculum Approach’.

Camira Kindergarten Statement of Philosophy

  • We strongly believe that our Kindergarten is a place where children come first, and this means listening to children, parents and educators.
  • We acknowledge parents as the child’s first and primary educator and so we provide flexibility and time for them to stay and participate.
  • We ensure all children and their families to experience a sense of nurturing and welcome. We value a sense of community and connectedness to each other so we thoughtfully add furnishings and other touches which reference children’s homes and aspects of their culture. We strive to have a ‘homely feel’.
  • We have a tradition of providing opportunities for children, parents and staff to build relationships and friendships.
  • We value the diverse perspectives of our families and encourage conversations to promote understanding and learning.
  • We have a strong connection to the natural environment in Camira and want our kindergarten play environment to reflect this.
  • We have a strong sense of community in Camira.
  • We value practices of sustainability and caring for the natural environment so we seek organic and sustainable solutions.
  • We appreciate that we are not just spectators to our children’s learning, but active collaborators and partners with our children in their learning experiences.
  • We recognise that children’s learning through play is not passive; it involves participation and decision and we provide for children to make decisions about the depth of their investigations in topics of interest.
  • We value an emphasis on healthy eating, sun protection and good hygiene practices and promote this on a daily basis.
  • We recognise that particular groups of children or individuals may require additional consideration and specialist knowledge.
  • We critically reflect on our view of children, our curriculum, and our values that we hold for them.

We have an advantage in being separate to the school environment, which gives children the opportunity to be individuals and not conform to the school uniformity when they are still so young.