This last week we saw the beginning of our hot weather and on particularly hot days we will pack away outside a little earlier.  The children do not seem to mind the heat and are still as engaged in their play as always.  Looking at the children’s play and interest these last few weeks, I am confident that those going onto prep are more than ready.  The maturity and level of curiosity in literacy and numeracy is wonderful.  Socially and emotionally they are settled, engaged and ready to take the next big step!

  • We were very fortunate to have Michelle Clarkson and her lovely family to come in and perform a sign language story with Faith for our children. We so enjoyed participating in the Three Little Pigs story as well as learning to clap in sign language (you wave your hands sideways, up in the air for those curious!)Thank you for showing us how to sign many animals as well.
  • We have been learning some new action songs and making use of tapping sticks. Concepts such as rhythm, keeping the beat and tempo have been learnt with many showing their own individuality in their musical enjoyment
  • Wildlife for Kids from Dreamworld came to visit.  The children were very attentive and listened beautifully learning many interesting facts about the animals.  We saw a tawny frog-mouth, a bilby, a python, a turtle and we all got to pat a baby crocodile.
  • We had a lovely morning with many grandparents visiting. The children were excited to continue their play and have extra special people to help them build, read, hammer anddo many other fun things.  Thank you to all who came.  I could not believe how quiet they were during their group time as they must have all been shy!  They enjoyed singing some new songs that we had learnt with bells and sticks.
  • Many now ask to use the beebot robot that we have in learning direction; forwards, backwards and sideways. I have now introduced a road on the carpet with masking tape that the children make use of to program the beebot to a specific object such as farm animals or other items.  Some engage easily and others learn from observing.  I have been impressed with the level of understanding that the children have showed in this activity.